Love waits for one thing, the right moment.

Written by: Me ❤

Love is a subject that everybody talks, but not everyone really knows about. Love is like a ghost, everybody believes in it, but only few have seen it. We constantly search for this “ghost” because we know it’s powerful and magical. But what happens when this “ghost” never appears? We get desperate and we keep on searching for it, however we should keep in mind that love is the one who’ll find us. Sometimes we are so obsessed about having someone in our lives that we confuse our feelings. We think we love someone, when actually it’s just affection. By making this mistake we start living a lie. We damage ourselves and damage the people who’s around us. Most of the time we don’t learn about this common mistake because we know that to love and be loved is the best thing that could happen in our lives and by not having it, we could feel as if we don’t deserve it.

Love comes to those who wait, to those who are prepared, because this feeling is not something you can take for granted. Love is so incredibly smart, that is hides, stares at you, looks at how you grow and become mature enough to handle it and then appears at the right moment. It can appear everywhere, even on those most unexpected places because it doesn’t have any preferences. You don’t choose who you love, if you could love wouldn’t be as magical as it is. Fate is already written, you can’t fight fate. First, you pass thorough many things in your life, many people who’ll you hurt and many people who’ll hurt you, but these things are the ones that teach you to appreciate what you have, and also to fight for the things that make you happy. When love arrives, you have something huge you can lose, that’s why it arrives to those who are prepared to fight for it.

Many people, especially teenagers, think that the fact that they are single means they are not worth it, but it is completely different. Being single doesn’t mean you’re not good enough for someone, but rather that your “special someone” is taking his time to come to your life. Many people would instead prefer to be single than taken because of past experiences, but being single forever is not the best choice. God has the maximum power, and He knows why He makes you pass through bad experiences before meeting true love. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, you should always get up because there’s still a path to follow. Every time we fall, we learn. Unfortunately nowadays, teenagers don’t learn. They get depressed and believe that life won’t give them other opportunities for becoming the happiest person in the entire world. Honestly, we just don’t take the time to think.

In my personal experience, I’m happy to say that love has come to me. I’ve waited, I’ve suffered and I’ve cried, but I never gave up. I knew God had many plans for me and He knew exactly when to give me what I needed. He sent me the best person I’ve ever met in my life, He sent him after long years of waiting. Love, as I said before, comes when you least expect it and on the place you never thought about meeting it. God waited for me to become a girl who’d appreciate love, and to be mature enough to handle such thing as love. I’m afraid to say that all this time I’ve waited, maybe it was just a waste of time. I suffered for someone who I consider not the “best option” in my life and by the way, it was pointless because apparently he wasn’t someone I was willing to fight for. Therefore I’ve realized that he was just one of the frogs that I kissed who didn’t become my prince.

I’m really glad to admit that love surely waits for one thing, the right moment. When love arrives, there are many things that change in your life. It is an inexplicable feeling that grows in you. Your hands start shaking; your heart beats faster and faster, every time you hear his name you smile and every time you see him, your eyes shine. Your heart beats strong enough that you can actually fell it being ripped off from your chest. Love is the best feeling you could ever experience; it is never too early or too late to find it. You realize it’s love through different ways, depending on the type of person you are and how you react to situations. In my case, I realized it was something very similar to love because this feeling makes me want to smile all day, and I’ve become a daydreamer. Let’s remember that everything on excess is bad, but love, it isn’t. There are no limits for loving someone; your heart is big enough to have as much love as you could give.

In conclusion, people constantly search love, but love arrives in the right moment. When it comes, you know it’s love; you realized that every feeling you had before it was just affection. Loving someone doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll love you back. Love takes time, if it appeared every time we needed or wanted it, it would be senseless. Love is something extremely huge that only those who want it with strong faith will be able to keep it. Love is a treasure, when you get to have it; you realize it is impossible to leave it. Finally love is something that everybody wants, because it is amazing the feeling you could have towards your “other half”, and it becomes better than a dream. Lets question ourselves one things: is that what you need right now in your life?. Don’t confuse those feelings; God knows exactly what to give you and when. Just remember, love is patient, so we should be patient as well.


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